My Bio

1973 - Booked local and regional bands for dances at East High School in Des Moines. Some of the groups I booked included West Minster, Enoch Smokey and the Rumbles.

In 1977 I founded The Fly By Night talent agency in Des Moines Iowa and booked bands at Clubs, Colleges, and Festivals.  The clubs I booked included So’s Your Mother, the Timber Tap, Jollies, Johnny’s and Brad’s 6 Ave. Saloon, The Broken Arrow and Blues On Grand. Some of the artists I booked include The Little Red Rooster Band, Outfit, Colt 45, Outpost, Split Decision, Johnny's 8th Dt. Buzz Band, Hooper and Jones, Full Tilt and Kashmir.  

1978 - Booked the talent exclusively for the Teen Town Stage at the Iowa State Fair.

1979 - Produced the first concert at Sec Taylor Stadium featuring Luther Allison as the headliner.

1980 - 1981 - I sold advertising and wrote reviews for the Prairie Sun, the only weekly Midwest music paper.

1980 - 1986 - Booked a 13 week series exclusively for Seniom Sed sponsored by the Des Moines Jaycees.  Some of those bands included The Buzz Band, Split Decision, The West Des Moines Dixieland Band, Flipside and Full Tilt.

1980-1981 - I produced, hosted and sold advertising for a weekly hour long television program High Society featuring local, regional and national artists. The show aired twice a week on Hawkeye Cable Channel 70. The talent included Dartanyan and Marcia Brown, Outpost, The South Dallas County Crew Cut Cowboy Band, Wapsie River, Grinderswitch, Cornell Hurd, Bo Ramsey and the Third Street Sliders, Luxury, The Red Willow Band, The Mother Blues Band,  The Law, Jonesin, Jackson and Crowson, Midnight Sam, Johnny’s 8 Street Buzz Band, Zarla, The John Lewis Quartet featuring Suzie Midget Tommy Tucker and  Boot Hill. The show was nominated for and ACE Award (Award For Cable Excellence) by the National Cable Television Association in 1981.

1980 – 1981.  I also produced and aired thirty minute interviews featuring Chick Corea and Gail Moran, Duke Tumatoe,  Luther Allison and Sid Wingfield, Vince Gill and Mike Riley of Pure Prairie Leauge and Dave and Chris Brubeck.

1996 - to Present – I have continued to book Iowa Artist’s in Kansas City and Topeka Kansas including Joe & Vicki Price, Rob Lumbard, Bob Dorr and the Blue Band, and Final Mix.    

2005 - Present - I own and operate the J Todd Music Agency. 

11/22/16. Thanksgiving Eve. Produced the So's Your Mothers Reunion featuring exclusive video and Dartanyan Brown.  2016. Negotiated exclusive representation for Dartanyan Brown.